In UC 10 we are clearly committed to the environmental protection. We are worried about the climate change and we directly fight it. We achieve a very limited impact on the environment by reducing our environmental footprint, by minimizing CO2 emissions and by exhaustive checking of the wastes.

The application of a quality assurance system, using certification such as the UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, certified by SGS Certification, guarantees that all our activities are environmentally sustainable. At the same time, we also have an environmental management system, according to the UNE EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, also certified by SGS Certification. These systems are directly applied in the Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Plans that are specific for each work, by defining and detailing activities, methodology, coordination and system audit. This procedure will assure the quality required by the customer and it will guarantee minimization of the environmental impact of the work.


Sustainability guides all our actions. We are not only mentioning it as an added value but we also implement this element in each and every project we realize.

We are constantly working to achieve a clear sustainability in all fields of actions by minimizing the impact created by the various works carried out.

The certified production and the compliance of the ISO 14001 standard is a clear step to consolidate the worldwide most demanding management systems.

The quality and environmental management is our own particular distinctive character. This is what makes the difference between us and our competitors in this increasingly globalized context. This way of working is a useful instrument that allows us to reduce production costs through efficiency, also bringing direct benefits to our clients. At the same time, this management is also the target to achieve a greater satisfaction of public and private customers.


Our management is committed to the development, implementation and improvement of quality system by spreading the quality and environmental policy and by communicating to the company personnel and to suppliers and/or subcontractors the importance of exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Quality and environment aims are set and approved by all company departments which also assign technical and human resources, choose responsible and decide deadlines to achieve these goals. The control of the status and the compliance of the above mentioned objectives are carried out performing internal and external audit as well as through periodical revisions of the system.

To guarantee an optimal service to our clients is our reason for being. To meet customer expectation is a key element for UC10 and is based on a continuous information feedback process with our clients.